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Examples of our Ceramic Productions on this website.

  • Kansai University Building No.1 "Osaka-Zu Holding Screen in the Toyotomi Period"
    [Osaka,Japan]Large-Scale Ceramic Panels
  • Higo Bank Head Office Building, west side of exterior wall
    [Kumamoto,Japan]Large-Scale Ceramic Panels
  • JA Building SHIGA
    [Shiga,Japan] Large-Scale Ceramic Panels / OT Ceramics
  • Tokinosumika "Chame Yudono"
    [Shizuoka,Japan] Large-Scale Ceramic Panels
  • Otsuka Museum of Art: Replication of Sunflowers
    [Tokushima,Japan]Large-Scale Ceramic Panels
  • Otsuka Group Osaka Headquarters Osaka Building
    [Osaka,Japan]Large-Scale Ceramic Panels, Terracotta, OT Ceramics
  • Tokyo International Airport Terminal 3
    [Tokyo,Japan]Large-Scale Ceramic Panels
  • Naritasan Fukagawa Fudoudou
    [Tokyo,Japan]Large-Scale Ceramic Panels
  • In response to a request from the Agency

    Ceramic Panel Reproduction: Special Historic Site, Kitora Tomb Stone Chamber
    [Nara, Japan]Large-Scale Ceramic Panels
  • Osaka University of Economics
    [Osaka,Japan]Large-Scale Ceramic Panels
  • Kyoto Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
    [Kyoto,Japan]Large-Scale Ceramic Panels
  • Tokushima Awaodori Airport Terminal Building
    [Tokushima,Japan]Large-Scale Ceramic Panels, Terracotta
  • toban (ceramic panels)
  • Special Contents
  • toban masterpiece