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(Name of) Project
Lake Biwa Museum, Lake Biwa Bottom Model
Name of artwork
Lake Biwa Bottom Model
H2400×W1200×T100㎜ (Scale : 1/38400)
Region in Japan
Product Category
Year Completed

In Exhibition Room C of the Lake Biwa Museum, various materials are exhibited under the theme of "The Present State of the Lake and Us - Nature Connected with Our Daily Lives", and a ceramic "lake bottom model" of Lake Biwa made by our company is also introduced. A 1/38400 scale model of the lake bottom displayed on the wall, and a 1/76600 scale model of the lake bottom where visitors can touch and feel the muddy and sandy parts of the lake bottom, were sculpted precisely based on the isobaths provided by the Lake Biwa Museum.
In addition, a ceramic board with an aerial photograph of the Lake Biwa water system at a scale of 1/10000, which was made previously, is also installed on the floor of Exhibition Hall C.

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