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Large-Scale Ceramic Panels

The manufacturing technology for large-scale ceramic panels is an innovative technology which is patented in seven countries worldwide. A large-scale size of 900 X 300mm per ceramic panel has a high degree of measurement accuracy and resistance to curving or distortion. With a superior heat resistance of +D5, the same ceramic panels can be fired repeatedly to expand the range of color reproduction as well as finished expression. View examples of achievements


The Italian term TERRA COTTA is a coinage originated from the words terra (clay) and cotta (bake) and was used as an architectural building decoration when western neo-architectural technology flowed into Japan. A wide range of terracotta products are made by fully utilizing traditional ceramic molding techniques including "tebineri" (hand-forming from coils of clay), "teokoshi" (manually raising the clay), "tatara" (building from clay slabs), "ikomi" (clay casting), and "rokuro" (clay throwing on a wheel). The clay drying method conforming to the standard rules of building construction is applied to increase commercial reliability. View examples of achievements

OT Ceramics

Ohmi's OT Ceramics were the first large-scale "toban" ceramic panels, at a size of 600 X 600 mm, developed for construction use in Japan. At the same time, a wall adhesion method was developed to apply them to the exterior walls of skyscraper buildings. The ceramic-covered walls and outdoor floors provide life-long durability and safety under any severe environmental condition. View examples of achievements

Other Products (Signage/Portraits/Memorabilia)


Otsuka Ohmi’s signage products, utilizing its outstanding "toban" ceramic panel features such as high weatherability and durability as well as life-long maintenance of coloration and quality, will continue to deliver information in their best and beautiful condition. From direction guidance signage to floor-attached maps and even 3D terrain models, showcase signage are created based on customers’ need. View examples of achievements


Otsuka Ohmi's portrait "toban" ceramic panels are produced by utilizing photo transfer technology onto a ceramic board and the life of the individual is then portrayed eternally. A special technique is utilized to fire at high temperatures so that the ceramic portrait expressing the lively posture and vivid expression of the individual will transcend the years to come.
We promote our ceramic portraits to people to keep fond memories alive forever. View examples of achievements


Ceramic panel memorabilia to commemorate special events, anniversaries or any celebration can be designed to meet your request. View examples of achievements

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