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A traveling class was held using a replica of flame-style pottery “Kaengata doki”


On June 3, we gave a class for sixth graders at Kumoi Elementary School in Koka City, Shiga Prefecture, using a high-resolution replica of the National Treasure, Flame-style pottery “Kaengata doki”. The class was held in collaboration with the "One-of-a-Kind Treasure Creation Executive Committee," which is active in the Shiga Prefectural Ceramic Cultural Park, and was entitled "Thinking about the Jomon Period”.
The class began with an explanation of Jomon earthenware by ceramic artist Ruriko Miyamoto. Otsuka Ohmi Ceramics President Osugi introduced Otsuka Ohmi Ceramics and explained the production process of the replicas, and showed a high-resolution replica of the “Kaengata doki” produced using 3D data, imagining with the children how the Jomon people lived and how the earthenware was made. The children were very interested in the replica, checking the detailed patterns up close and lifting the replica, which weighed about the same as the original, and were surprised by its unexpected weight.
In collaboration with the Shiga Prefectural Ceramic Cultural Park, the committee offers the "Tsuchit-kko Program," an educational program for children to experience the joy and excitement of making things and real art using clay as a material. The program includes participation by ceramic artists from Koka City. Our company participated in this class as a sponsor of this project, which has a factory in Shigaraki Town in the city.
We believe that the high-resolution replicas made of ceramics will attract children's interest as realistic educational materials because they are made to look just like the real thing, not only in color and shape but also in weight. We will continue to utilize the replicas to help educate children.

  • President Osugi gives a lecture on the Jomon Period. 
  • A student lifts a replica to check its weight. 

*The "Reiwa earthenware" made by sixth graders of Kumoi Elementary School is currently on display at the " Sparkle entrusted to the soil - Children x Artists / Cutting-edge Ceramics Exhibition" being held at the Shiga Prefectural Ceramic Cultural Park from June 24 to September 4, 2012.
The exhibit also includes our ceramic board reproductions, that is a high-resolution replica of "National Treasure Kaengata doki", "Girl with a Pearl Earring" by Fermeer, and "National Treasure Takamatsu-zuka Tumulus Mural, West Wall, Group of Women (part of image)", which was reproduced using the latest 3D technology.

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