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Kyoto Sangyo University Main Building Completion Ceremony|Ceramic Plate Unveiled


On September 2, a ceremony was held to celebrate the completion of the main building of Kyoto Sangyo University and the unveiling of a memorial hall with ceramic boards designed and manufactured by our company.
In response to the university's desire to make the memorial hall a space that evokes the history, founding spirit, and future of the university, the ceramic boards on the walls express "new beginnings" in a fresh blue color with motifs of the school song, surrounding mountains, and illustrations drawn by the founder, Mr. Toshima Araki. The ceramic board floor is inspired by the large ginkgo tree in Araki's hometown of Kutami, Kumamoto Prefecture, and features a design of fluttering leaves.
On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, Kyoto Sangyo University erected a monument with ceramic boards at the birthplace of Mr. Araki. Since then, the ceramic boards have continued to be used in school buildings on campus as a means of conveying Mr. Araki's passion for education to students. In 2020, a relief featuring a large ginkgo tree was installed in the Shinri-kan building, and in 2021, artwork featuring the theme of "the universe" was installed in the Tenchi-kan building, based on Araki's lifelong research on astronomy.
We hope that the four ceramic boards artworks we have created so far, including the newly completed Memorial Hall in the main building, will provide an opportunity for visitors to experience the history and thoughts of Kyoto Sangyo University. 

  • Ceramic board with the school song and the founding spirit against the background of Mt. Koyama 
  • Ceramic board with illustration of the founder and terra cotta emblem of the university 
  • Ribbon-cutting ceremony for the memorial hall monument 
  • Board chairman Oshiro and President Kurosaka receiving an explanation of the ceramic board making process. 

  • toban (ceramic panels)
  • Special Contents
  • toban masterpiece